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Fenella tells us all about her brand:

I live in Henley on Thames with my husband, three step children; Phoebe, Oscar and Thea, daughter Finty and two dogs; Bramble my beloved Labrador and Fox our rescue Border Collie.

I come from a very creative family and work closely with my brothers Myles and Greg who run animation agency The Brothers McLeod.
Our childhood was one of adventure and parents who encouraged us to follow our dreams and not mind where those dreams took us.
For me, Fenella is about collaboration; I work closely with my brother Greg who draws all the illustrations that adorn our products, our design process is one of sibling chatter and silliness which eventually lands on a design that we both see merit in. I design all the products myself and work with our wonderful factories around the world to ensure the products you buy are unique, well made and make your world that little bit more pleasant.
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