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Situated in a beautiful, old, thatched domicile in Nordsjælland, Denmark, the Danish fashion brand, Coster Copenhagen, has built up a charming and creative environment with a raw touch of Nordic nature’s own elements – wood, leather, stone and the blue sea.
The clean, organic lines and the bright colours of this cool Nordic style are also reflected in the styles from Coster Copenhagen and together they form an inspiring unity.
Designer and owner Pia Coster’s bright ideas and brilliant designs come to life here. She and her husband Chris Coster run the company together, surrounded by dedicated employees sharing the same values and the same desire for quality.
It goes without saying that it takes a lot of hard work. With six new collections a year, Pia, Chris and their team spend many hours working here.
But somehow they manage to mix a hard-working attitude with humor, aesthetics and quality. This approach to life is also reflected in Coster Copenhagen’s beautiful collections
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